I hate endings. I hate the ending of books, movies, songs, even little internet videos. Somehow the ending always seems anticlimactic. It never seems to actually make me feel better about the loss. 

My job means I have lots of beginnings and lots of endings. All the hello and goodbye a girl could possibly handle. So, I choose to focus on the new beginning about to happen instead of the ending. It makes it all a little more tolerable. 

I am ready to go home. I am almost done here. It’s a little bit of a mixed bag of emotions. Lucky for me, I have a long drive to sort them all out. 10 more days until I hit the road. 4 more shifts until this assignment is over for a bit. 

It’s hard to stay focused. I’m going to spend the next few days packing up and sorting through the mountain of crap I ended up hanging on to. 

Trying not to focus on the parts making me sad. Focusing on the future. Remembering gratitude is a virtue. I get so many opportunities. 

Why is everything so emotional? I assume this is normal. I swear, I hate endings. 

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