Windows to my Soul

You know when you meet someone and you really can’t imagine what your life was like before them? 

I have several girlfriends who are like this for me. I don’t talk to them all every day. Some of them even live several states away from me. For some reason it is easy to take these friends for granted and rely too much on social media for keeping up. This is a mistake I fall prey to entirely more frequently than I like to admit. 

I cherish these girls. 

The important part about these relationships is how we always know what to say to each other. (Even more important is how sometimes we know when we just need to listen so we can get the crazy out before it takes hold of our entire lives.) 

These are the friends who don’t have to ask why I am misting up watching a Folger’s commercial. They don’t doubt that I became hysterical when Steve left Blue’s Clues. I’m still a little shaken up by that one. They now exactly how sick and twisted my sense of humor can get. They know how important living an honest and open life is to me. It’s almost like they are looking through windows right at the middle of my heart. 

We like and respect each other for exactly who we are at that particular moment. It’s enough. We don’t have to fix each other or save one another. We have the freedom to just be. 

Sometimes I forget to make time for these relationships. When I do this, I run the risk of allowing the friendship to wither from neglect. Relationships need tending. I have made so many mistakes in the past. I took friends for granted and we drifted apart. I don’t want to do that again. 

Lately I have been making it more of a point to speak to the people in my life. I use my voice. I focus on the conversation. It has helped immensely. It’s almost like it gives me a solid foundation. 

So, I am commiting to fostering better friendships with the people I love. I am glad I don’t need curtains for the windows to my soul. 

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