Insomnia and the Possum

No photo. 

I was just sitting out on my front steps as I frequently do. Simply minding my own business thinking about the movie I just finished watching. 

While I was lost in thought a cat came up and sat beside me. I absentmindedly reached out to pet it. Then, I turned to look. This was no cat. It was a possum. I touched a gigantic rat. Obviously I jumped and screamed a little. The critter jumped and ran away. I ran into the house and locked the deadbolt, just in case he/she wanted to come in. 

Despite having washed my hands twice, my heart is still pounding in my chest. I feel like I should wash again. What is this place with wildlife that is so friendly? 

Excuse me while I go take a shower. 

This is my last day as a 35 year old and I have been visited by a possum. What else could possibly be in store for me? 

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