It’s not like I actually get sleep when I’m at work, I am really just there wishing I could nap. I’m listening intently for my bat signal (pager) to alert me to Gotham’s (the floor’s) needs. 

I don’t sleep well anytime I think there may be something going on. My ankle is sore from my tumble in the snow. Yes, it snowed in April! I try to nap. I need a nap. Life would be so much better if I could just close my eyes and rest. My pager has it’s place of honor right next to me on the pillow. 

I toss and turn, decide I may have missed a page, furtively check the pager. I may as well get up. I obsessively check and recheck the list of things I am supposed to be following up on. I call the floor to make sure no one is looking for me. I pace around the room. Well, I limp around the room. My ankle is rather tender. 

I worry about all the things I should be doing. I wonder what my next adventure should be. I daydream about a trip to the beach. The waves crashing, drinks with paper umbrellas, and plenty of time to read. I must plan a trip to the beach. 

I worry I am missing something. I recheck the orders I have put in on my patients. I wish morning would hurry up and get here. It’s time to check outputs and vital signs. I have to print the lists for the day shift. Where has the night gone? 

It’s time to drive home. I’m wide awake. I wonder if I missed something. I really need to sleep. I am expecting a package. I need to make some phone calls today. If I just lay my head down for a minute I know I will feel better. Don’t forget to set an alarm. Give yourself time to do laundry before work. Curl up and let the worry fade. Tonight is another day. 

4 thoughts on “Nightshift

  1. I used to do this thing when I was on call in residency where I would re-round on everyone around say 8pm, check in on the patients, speak with whatever family remained, check in with the night nurses, make sure nobody needed anything. I think it helped ease that nagging feeling that “I missed something”and decreased the calls for dumb shit at 2am.

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    1. I try to spend a while on the floor- available and seeing everyone every night. It does help. And the needless calls- well, it all depends on the nursing staff. SMH. I don’t think some of them can help it.


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