Always order the special



Tinderbabe and I have a bit of an inside joke. My dinner is always better than his. He is one for looking at the menu and deciding what preprinted meal suits his dining mood, while I ask the waiter about the specials. I have yet to be disappointed. 

This policy was especially helpful while I was in Montreal. I had Beef Tartar, something I would never order. It was fantastic!  


I also had a phenomenal salmon sandwich for lunch one day. I did not even know I liked lentil soup! 


I realize I am now that annoying person taking pics of her food. I suppose I will blame it on vacationing solo. Next trip: Chicago! 

3 thoughts on “Always order the special

  1. I can never order the special for fear of lactose, so would you dear Ms. Boxer, please eat a special for me. Tell me all about it. I will pretend I got to eat it without worry of intolerant reactions and consequences. Yummy looking food there. Please take pictures of as much food as you want.

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