Tinder Scars

Okay. I need to know- seriously! Does this work? Ever? 

Then, there was this guy… 

I’m sorry, but do what??? When I am passionate? WTF? We had been having a very nice discussion about French Bulldogs VS English Bulldogs. How did we go skidding off the rails here? 

Guys, if you can’t even maintain polite conversation long enough to get me to agree to go out with you, how on earth are you ever going to convince a girl to actually sleep with you? It’s not that hard! Be polite! A little mystery goes a long way. I don’t want to meet your penis before I meet your face! 

So, chances are- I need to deactivate Tinder. I’m not this kind of girl. I’m a nice girl! Well, mostly. That’s not the point. 

Gross. Stop trying to send me pictures of your little friend. I’m good. In fact, I’m more than good. I’m all set. I can find those all on my own if the mood strikes. 

Tinder, you have scarred me for life. 

2 thoughts on “Tinder Scars

  1. You’re impressive as a 20/20 reporter and undercover FBI RN. I get the impression that the majority of men who flock to these places are looking for a quick bite to eat. A snack or “use-ation” as Wendy Williams called it. What impresses me especially is how he can’t spell. I mean, he could have dictated his awful, vulgar and disgusting portion of the conversation to Siri.

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