Dress shopping for the bigger girl

It’s hard to feel beautiful in a dressing room.

I needed an outfit. I was going to get pants and a top. I did not like anything at all! This was my second excursion for this occasion, and I needed to find something today.

So, I wandered around the store aimlessly, gazing longingly at the door that would lead me to the safety of my Jeep. I had to find something comfortable, pretty, professional, and something I would wear out in public.

Finally, I saw a couple of dresses that remind me of my wrap dress that makes me feel so confident. I tried on the first one. It was okay, but a little too big. (I cannot explain how happy things being too big makes me.) So, we tried on a second one. Hmm. It’s okay. I need Spanx though. Put on Spanx and put it back on.

How do the girls look? Not bad. Is my butt too big? Yes, but nothing you can do about that today.

So, what is the lesson? It is hard to buy clothes when you are not happy with your body. Yes, I have made progress, but I am certainly still under construction. I have to give myself a break. I think this dress looks nice, and I feel like I can be proud to walk around in it.

Sometimes, it is not whether or not I feel pretty, but whether or not I feel confident. I am going through a lot of changes in my life, and I need to dress the part of the woman I want to be. I used to say I wanted to be thin enough to wear a dress.

I am not sure how thin that is, but I am wearing this dress.

I have a tendency to find the things about me which are less than desirable. So, in order to make shopping a little less painful, here are some strategies I employ.

  1. Make friends with the sales people.
  2. Tell them you want honest feedback.
  3. Do not go shopping overly hungry or tired.
  4. Laugh at the disasters. Everyone looks ugly in some things.
  5. Celebrate when something makes you feel good.
  6. Accentuate what you like about yourself.

Most importantly, if you want to wear a dress, buy a dress.

Tomorrow, shoe shopping…

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