The Great Flood of Lubbock, Texas

Photo credit: Me- 5/28/2015 The Great Flood of Lubbock, Texas 2015

Wow. It is really raining hard. I am not about to complain. We are recovering from a terrible drought that I was afraid would never end.

In West Texas, we love rain. The only bad part? Our infrastructure is woefully unable to handle much precipitation at one time. Yes, we are those annoying people who cannot drive in snow, wind, rain, or fog. People rush to the grocery story the second we hear bad weather is approaching.

So, now there are tornado warnings south of where I live. I am hoping for no damage, and hoping my neighbors all stay safe.

Other than that, I am ecstatic for all the lovely wet stuff pouring from the sky. Stay safe my friends.


2 thoughts on “The Great Flood of Lubbock, Texas

  1. I used to live in Odessa 20+ years ago! I hated what I called the desert. Stayed only a year! Came back to South La. You’re right about folks running to the grocery store when they hear bad weather is coming. I can send you some rain..its been raining every day..ugh. Hope you are okay!

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    1. It’s been raining for the past several weeks. It’s been lovely. Although, seeing all the street flooding is rather annoying. It’s so flat here— that everything floods.


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