The Hat

My Nana used to crochet. She made me two baby blankets. One was pink and blue, and the other was green and yellow. They had a pretty chevron pattern. I remember once my brother came along, he adopted the green and yellow blanket. These blankets and our pillows were constant companions when we were watching TV. Blankets that are insanely warm and cozy bring so much comfort. Every one should have a Nana who crochets.

She tried to teach me; however, I am cursed with impatience. So, I learned how to do a chain stitch. That is all. Not much you can do with a long chain except unravel it and start again. I desperately wish I could turn back time and pay more attention. It’s a shame I would rather be out in the gazebo spinning in crazy circles laughing and yelling with my brother. I do not remember a time when Nana was not working on some project or another. She would sit in her chair, and alternately peer suspiciously out the window at the comings and goings of the neighbors and their families, and watch her “stories.” Nana was a real sucker for The Young and The Restless and The Bold and The Beautiful. Oh, and I can’t forget to mention The Price is Right.

So, imagine my delight when I see my FB friends sharing their new stitched creations. I love looking at them, and I secretly wish I had some way to learn. (Turns out, there are a ton of YouTube videos, and there is really no excuse for not learning. I just have not taken the plunge yet.) So, one day this very nice lady, Tina shared a pic of her two newest hats. The red one spoke to me. I thought it was beautiful. So, I jokingly commented how good it would look on me. A little while later, she sent me an instant message, and said she would send it to me. Turns out, she was making them just to make people happy! I was so excited. A few days later, my new treasure arrived in the mailbox.

My Groovy New Hat!

Putting this lovely, handmade creation on my head instantly transported me back. This is why it is so special when someone gives you something they made. When you wear it, you actually feel their love. I was reminded of my Nana, and of the warmth provided by the blankets she poured her heart and soul into. So, not only did I get a groovy new hat, I got to remember my Nana. When someone takes the time to provide the basic comforts that we all crave, they are feeding your soul. So, this is for Tina, thank you so much for the hat and the memories.

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