My First Day Back

So, I have been a total chicken lately. Completely punked out of boxing and going to the gym. Last night was my first night back in close to a month. Boxing is hard enough when you have been working out all the time, your first night back awakens muscles that you completely forgot about. I am so glad that I finally went back.

So, what is it about boxing? Why do I love it?

I love boxing because it is a workout that is deceptively simple. I show up to class and follow directions. (Okay, I try to follow directions, but I still get my left and right confused, and find new combinations insanely difficult. I mean roll-out? Just Duck, Nyki…. what? Why? Why can’t I do this? Oh… you mean duck. Like this? No? What? I can’t do this! Is my turn almost over? You are still expecting me to do this? What? No! I should be at home. Oh!!!! I get it. woo- hoo! I did it! What??? I have to do it again? This is embarrassing. Oops. I messed up. What do you mean, pay attention? GRRRR.) Terry, my coach is a man with infinite patience. He has never let me feel like I cannot do it. He makes me do it until I get whatever it is that he has decided I am going to do. This is good for me. I need the feeling of accomplishment. I get so excited when I finally figure out what he was trying to explain.

I struggle with foot work, and I have very little stamina. 3 minutes (I think it is 3 minutes, it may only be 30 seconds.) is so long! An eternity. Turns out, it takes so much more than just your arms. My right calf takes a beating every single class. I never dreamed that boxing would be a total body workout. It requires balance, and it requires a certain level of mental strength. You push until you think you are actually going to die, and then you keep going.

This workout is good because there are a lot of people in the class who have been doing this for years. (They are so inspiring.) When they see me doing something wrong, (frequently) they are quick to show me a trick to help me understand. It is a wicked workout for everyone. The boxing friends are also so quick to encourage me. It’s like they can sense the moment I feel like giving up, and they give me some support at just the right time. (It could be my loud and incessant complaining and exclamations of I quit, and I can’t do this.)

Despite my awkward disposition, I do best when working out is a social endeavor. I need the support, and I am so glad that I have been welcomed into this class. Seriously. (I am so sore this morning. Advil, please do your job.) I am gaining self confidence, and getting an awesome workout in. I cannot imagine ever hitting another person, however I love hitting the heavy bags. I just wish we could spend more time practicing the whole hugging part of the sport. (THAT seems to be a firm no, however I am not about to stop asking.) My favorite word in the english language may be “TIME!” (signaling the end of torture) but, I also love the phrase he says at the beginning of every class. “Let’s Stretch.” I am so grateful for the opportunity to learn and improve. I think I am going to keep going. Maybe someday I will look strong and capable in those awful pictures and videos he takes. (seriously, I always look like I am dying.)

Seriously, I think this would go over big in class. He would be so proud! hahaha
No workout is complete without a least one selfie.
Owww. My calf was on fire after about 30 seconds.
I wanted to quit. But, then he pulled out the camera. I hate to look like I am just standing there while he has the camera out. It is embarrassing.













So, if you wonder why I love boxing. I love it because it is the most challenging thing I do. I get pushed to limits that I are so much farther than I thought I had. It is the best workout I have ever done. I am not going to give up, and I am not going to miss a month ever again.

*Photos of boxing class shamelessly stolen from my coaches FB. He tagged me, so I am gonna call it fair game. Hope he does not mind.

** I take classes at Right Cross Boxing in Lubbock. Seriously, the best trainer I can imagine.

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