We all know I hate flying. I’ll drive for days to avoid taking an airplane. However, it is not a good use of my time to drive as often as I am traveling now. So, I fly. 

If there is a heart decal on the outside of the plane, I always reach out and touch it. No. I don’t actually think it will keep me safe. I’m not that ridiculous. It’s just a thing I do. 

The lady behind me caught me this time. She asked if I was superstitious and I just chuckled and shrugged sheepishly. Maybe a little. I hate flying. 

“I heard you on the phone, it sounds like you fly a lot. That’s brave.” 

Thank you. You made my day. Who would have thought a stranger would know just the thing to say? I don’t typically consider myself to be brave. I’m really terrified most of the time. 

There are so many people talking about the pervasive hate in our country. They speak of being afraid. I have experienced the opposite. So many people have been so kind to me. 

It makes me feel a little less alone on my travels. I wonder what would happen if we all just took a moment to say something kind to the stranger standing or sitting next to us. 

It doesn’t cost anything. Just open your eyes and notice the people around you. Make eye contact and smile. You could help someone have a better day. 

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