You are not 45

Okay, look fellas, sigh It’s cute that you think younger girls are hot. It’s even a little flattering that you think I am cute. 

But give me a damn break! 

You are so obviously not 45. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, except it shows you are a liar. Unless it’s that you think I am stupid. 

It makes me feel a little ageist, but come on. Seriously???? Time has been marching across your face since before my mother was born. No. I don’t want to meet you for “fun.” I don’t even know you! 

When did “fun” become a euphemism for meeting a strange man in a strange city in the middle of the night? Oh, everything is closed! Why yes, I think it’s a swimmingly good idea to come to your hotel room. Of course you have no ulterior motives. You sound like a super nice guy. How would you feel if your daughters were up for this kind of activity?  Sure, I considered meeting you for a drink. I like meeting new people. 

I was obviously born last night. 

No. It doesn’t sound like fun. It sounds gross and degrading. 

Does this actually work? What kind of woman is looking for this? 

I’m not judging other women here. Maybe a little. I can’t help it. Come on girls, get it together. We deserve better than this.

I deserve better than this. 

No, I’m not meeting you at your hotel room. Stop lying about your age, you are obviously not 45. 

And… unmatch. 

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