Kiss and Tell

Despite all the Tinder rules and safety practices I put into place, sometimes someone sneaks past my reservations. He was most likely charming and funny. I assure you his smile was genuine and went all the way across his face. 

He made me laugh. 

For privacy issues, I will not use any identifying information. I will simply refer to him as The Professor. The only problem is my asshole girlfriend, who by the way has found the love of her life, brought up Gilligan’s Island. I prefer to imagine it a little different. 

So, The Professor and I… dammit. She ruined his nickname. Wonder Woman, I feel like this is revenge. What else can I call him? I’m sticking with The Professor. 

So, The Professor and I were meeting for a drink. Unfortunately, the pub I selected was packed. It was freezing outside. We ended up seeking shelter in my car so we could peruse Yelp! for a bit. 

I have no idea how the time passed so quickly. I giggled and listened to his stories. I even tried to tell a few of my own. Although, I have to admit I got all flustered and messed up the punch lines. 

Finally, we decided we needed to find somewhere to eat and get a drink. We found a “tequila bar.” It was actually just a bad Mexican restaurant. I ordered a Modelo. He ordered a frozen margarita. I know, manly… swoon. 

We talked, and I laughed. He’s quite the performer. I was thrilled when he reached across the table to hold my hand. His thumb absently drawing circles. 

At some point the vibe in the restaurant changed. There was a shot girl. Loud obnoxious music was blaring. The Blackeyed Peas. I’m not even kidding. The lights were still up. It felt a little like a bad bar after last call. Time to go. 

We went back out to the car to talk some more. The cold weather is good for a few things. Cue the song… “He kissed me in a way that I’ve never been kissed before…” 

When the first kiss with someone is good, it is good! It makes up for all the stress from wondering what it’s going to be like.

Kissing The Professor gave me butterflies and made me laugh. I had goosebumps where he put his hand on my shoulder. His stubble was just perfect. When it was time for me to leave he started to leave and stopped, turned, and leaned in to kiss me again. Good move Casanova. 

I was a grinning fool for the seven hour drive to Massachusetts. Every single stop I had a little skip in my step. I guess I don’t need to tell you, I can’t wait to see him again. 

P.S. let’s not tell The Professor I told you all about it. I don’t want him to think I kiss and tell. 

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