Some People

I find myself feeling judgmental and bitchy about others all the time. The irony is that I am judgmental about the judgmental stuff they say. 

Why can’t people just be nice? Why can’t I just be nice? 

I suppose it comes down to the fact if I don’t like you as a person, I am not going to like anything you have to say. 

Why am I paying attention to the words of people I don’t respect? The same reason I read trash like People. I don’t want to miss out! I need something inconsequential to talk about. 

Besides, the people who I thought were so much better than I am turned out to be only human after all. Ha! Jokes on me. 

So, I may continue to roll my eyes, sigh, and groan at the crap coming out of some people’s mouth. I may not like most of what you say and do. 

Secretly, I am kinda hoping you don’t ever get your shit together. I need the distraction. 

If you manage by some miracle to stop being such a Trainwreck, I’ll enjoy watching that show too. 

Yep. I am probably not a great person. I tend to believe I am just honest about what we are all doing anyway. 

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