The Beginning


Exciting plans for the future. Huge goal and project to tackle. Lots of preparation and training are commencing now!
The Princess- Lady Quirky is gonna go beyond the mud. This will tackle every single fear I have. More on that later.

Adventuring the Pacific Crest Trail

The beginning. In March of 2015 Ladyquirky and I (along with 40 friends) completed our first Tough Mudder event in Mesa Arizona. It was a blast, a challenge, and an incredible experience. From that though we became great friends. To the point where I’m Little Bro and she’s Big Sis.

Today marks the new beginning; the day we both decided to commit to hiking the Pacific Crest Trail. Cue a cheesy Frodo and Sam go to Mordor reference. We’re shooting for Spring of 2018. This blog will be used to track our progress as we prepare for that goal, and when we’re on the trail, will be where we update our status / do reflections.

The goal is to end up saying “I lived” after every major adventure.

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