Finding My Way

Today was Tattoo day! I got two new beautiful works of art. 

I could go into a bunch of deep bullshit about the compass and how it will help me to always find my way. I could also explain how it represents my new life goal of finding adventure. I could even tell you how it represents my new bravery and all sorts of other nonsense. 

Let’s be honest, I simply wanted something to represent travel and adventure. I googled it. I saw something which left me feeling happy when I saw it. It’s not all that deep after all. 

Most importantly, I love it. I think it is beautiful and I am so proud to have it on my body. I feel like it is the perfect tattoo for me. I wanted something bold and feminine. I wanted a pretty tattoo.

I think it hit the mark perfectly. I wanted the word “adventure” under the compass in typewriter font. It looked superfluous though. All I needed was the image. Sometimes words are not necessary. 

The second tattoo is covering my old tattoo. I was tired of feeling like Lisa Frank had vomited on my leg. So, I chose a flower capable of doing the job. 

I am ecstatic how these turned out. I feel like I have art work to stay with me all the time. They feel like me. 

When I got my first tattoo, I was scared to commit. I really had no business getting one. I chose an awful piece of flash art and it was tiny and not done well. So, in a misguided attempt to salvage my mistake I had a ring of butterflies circling my poor little daisy. I was left with a larger tattoo I hated. 

I have carried this travesty around on my ankle for ten years. I was too afraid to try again. I just knew I would never be happy with it. Then, one day I knew what I wanted. A friend knew a good artist. The rest is evident by my pride in my new work. 

So grateful to Danny Sun and my friend Tracy for introducing him to me. I love my new grownup tattoos. 

5 thoughts on “Finding My Way

  1. I want to see the tattoo that was covered up. That’s a pretty good cover up tattoo and I’m very critical of people’s tattooing skills.

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