Why is this here? 

 So, the new job. There is an on call room and obviously it includes a bathroom. I have been here for 6 weeks and this stool has been sitting in front of the toilet the entire time!
I have a lot of questions.

  1. Why is no one concerned about this?
  2. Do they think it is normal to have a stool in front of the toilet?
  3. What purpose could this stool be serving?
  4. Who put this stool here?
  5. Why is it still here?
  6. I can’t imagine having someone join you in the bathroom at work, so why the extra seating?
  7. Although that is the only door that locks…. Ew. Nevermind.
  8. Do some people recline while on the toilet? Seems strange.
  9. Why the hell is this stool here?

These are just some of the things bothering me at the moment.

Busy saving lives.

PS: I really need someone to move this stool. I wonder if I should move it. It doesn’t look heavy. I wonder where I would put it. Would someone put it back? I would die at that point. Eh. I’ll leave it there. Someone else can worry about it.

5 thoughts on “Why is this here? 

  1. Maybe it serves more as a table than a stool? I would definitely be more comfortable with that explanation, you know to put stuff on that may be in your pockets so they don’t fall on the floor when your pants are down. Maybe consider leaving something on it and see if it ever gets moved…a little experiment…

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