Despite My Whining

I know, I know. I complain about the strangest things. If you read my blog on a somewhat regular basis you will see many times I am expressing my agony over my own agonizing thoughts. About my thoughts! 

I promise I am not insane. I just work really hard to try to meet my potential. I want to be the best version of me. I am not going to stop working on being better. The only downside to this is how it leaves me feeling a little torn and discombobulated.

I am just trying to figure out why we have such conflicting thoughts and emotions. I want to understand the process of figuring out what the conflict means. I am trying to figure out how you choose a side. How do you both win and lose? Or is it always a draw?

So, please understand: Yes, I whine about my internal conflicts frequently. I feel the conflict is part of what allows me to make progress and to avoid taking it all for granted. Nothing in life comes easily.

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