Adventures in Hiking

  Today I went on my first solo hike. In The Wilderness! Okay, let’s be real. It was actually a park behind the sporting goods store. No worries. The people that sold me my boots assured me the bears were all hibernating now. WTF? Bears? Hmmm. Can I pet one? Note to self: look for bear clues.
I would like to point out the sign says it is the wilderness, therefore it must be true. I am wearing many layers of clothing. Just in case I get lost. I don’t want to freeze to death out here in the wild.  Actually, I may be wearing too many layers. I’m feeling a little warm. How on earth am I sweating in this arctic tundra?

  Lots of pretty trees. Snow. Rocks. Really feeling like I am on a dangerous expedition. Still on the lookout for possible bear sightings.
  The trees out here must cut themselves. No sign of anyone else around to cut these nifty little logs. There may be beavers or something.

  It’s not really bright enough to need my shades. The sun barely penetrates the trees. I am both cold and overheated all at the same time. What is the magic number of layers for staying safe from the elements?
  OMG! A clue! If the Blue’s Clues theme is not running through your head now, I’m not certain we should be friends. I am pretty sure this is a bear track. I bet if I follow it, I will find a friendly bear who just wants to be friends.

  In case I forgot, this is indeed the wilderness. The bear appears to be staying on the trail. I must continue to follow these clues. Just imagine, around the next bend there could be a fuzzy creature just waiting for me to pet him! 
 Nope. He is not up there. Can bears actually climb trees? More importantly, do they?

   From civilization. Nope. My cell phone still works.

  This seems like a perfect place for a bear to hide. Let me go poke around in here.
 Just kidding. I am almost back to the car. I can’t wait to come explore again. It is so pretty and peaceful out here.

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