Sometimes clever (Aka smartass) is not the best way to go


Yesterday was my mother’s birthday. I was feeling a little homesick and wishing I were there to give her a hug and a kiss. So, I did the only thing I could think of. I sent her flowers.

However, I was a little distracted and failed to plan out what the card would say. I told them to just make it something nice for my mom. I told them I was out of town working and I missed her. Then, they asked what name they should sign the card. Hmmmm…. What is in a name?

I chose Princess. I thought it would make her laugh.

Well, they forgot to include the word “Mom” or “Mother” or “Madre” in the message. They referred to her as a Lady. So, later I get this text message… “Did you send me flowers?”

My first thought was “Duh.”

Well, perhaps I should have spent 45 more seconds to make the message a little more personal. I should have either used my name or a clue. (Although, everyone knows I am the princess….) There was nothing in the card to indicate anything about her or me. Next time I am going to plan it better. There will be no question who the flowers are from.

Oh, sending flowers is really easy. It is a nice gesture and you can even do it at the last-minute. It was pretty late in the afternoon when I made the call. So, boys and girls (Most especially my boy) there is no excuse for not sending your mother, sister, grandmother, best girl BFF, long-lost auntie, or whatever lady is important in your life flowers. Got it? NO EXCUSE. Make the women in your life feel special for a day.

They make a girl giggle and blush. For me, nice flowers are the epitome of thinking of you. It is not something you need. They only last a little while, and they brighten up any room. It is a pretty, fragrant little thing. We don’t hesitate to bring her dandelions and other weeds when we are only “this high,” surely our tastes (and budgets) should grow and mature as we do.

Love you Mom. Wish I were there.

PS: How are Gracie Belle and Bonnie Blue? Have you seen her yet? (My mom has never seen my baby cat because she always hides.)

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