Tuesday Morning DVR Binge

So, Monday nights seem to be a pretty good TV night for me. My DVR lights come on at 7, and do not stop until almost midnight. Now, we all know that I do not like watching live TV- and it really has nothing to do with the commercials. I love commercials. Sometimes, if you are lucky they are little films all in their own right. It is because I get distracted easily and miss too much of the show. Somehow waking up seriously early in the morning helps alleviate this issue.

This morning, I got up extra early. I wanted to write, AND watch TV. I just finished Better Call Saul, and now The Voice is blaring in the background. Now, let me just say… I think BCS is even better than Breaking Bad. I know, I know. That is probably not going to be a popular sentiment. But, I get Jimmy McGill way more than I ever got Walter White. I was Team Jesse all the way.

“Look, Adam Levine’s holding me.” Wait. What? Did I just hear that? Rewind… Ha! Yep that would be my dream too. Everyone who knows me knows that I secretly fantasize about trying out for The Voice (it would be bad- I totally cannot sing), and having Adam run up and give me a hug.

oops, sorry. I got distracted. Back to BCS. Bob Odenkirk, (can I call you Bob?) is a master with this character. I would imagine that part of the genius can be attributed to the skillful writing, however I find the manner that Mr. Odenkirk portrays Slippin’ Jimmy to be smart and playful with a dash of desperation. He appears to accept his shortcomings while still battling his brother’s desire to see him change his ways. He is the quintessential little brother, both caring about and resenting his older brother’s interference. Now, I am afraid that I missed something, why was Jimmy not given a place at his older brother’s successful law firm? Seems to me that some level of nepotism should have taken place there.

Michael McKean lends an air of authenticity to Chuck’s (the older brother who bailed Jimmy out of a slippery situation) mental illness by infusing his bizarre behavior with an understated seriousness and sincerity. Pretty impressive for Lenny (yeah, did you recognize him? I did not. I was really young when Laverne and Shirley was on.)

OMG!!! DID YOU HEAR THAT DUDE SINGING “He Stopped Loving Her Today”? It is AWESOME. But, then again, EVERYTHING IS AWESOME.

So, just some random musing on my TV binge this morning.

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