Trivia Crack, Words With Friends, and PlayBuzz Quizzes

Why is it that we are so easily enamored by this nonsense? Give me a game, especially one where I can compete with my “friends” and Friends, and I am happy as a clam. (By the way, how happy are clams? What are they so excited about? Why is this even a saying?) I have no idea why Trivia Crack is so much fun. But, seriously… It is CRACK! You find yourself jonesing for a new life so you can start a new game, and why on Earth are they not playing? Do they not know I need to play? Ugh… So annoying.

Now, there are all these people who get all kinds of bent out of shape if someone sends them a game request. Do they understand that you have to get people on your team, it helps you plant your field or whatever. This is not solitaire folks. If you don’t want to play, then ignore my request. My favorite is people who say “I don’t have time to play stupid Facebook games.” Okay, you do realize that you are talking about not having time to participate in the only useful part of FB right? I mean you are complaining about people wasting your time on what may be the biggest time suck ever. Get over yourself. Imagine if no one ever invited you to play. You would be like Rudolph. (You know, the reindeer. He was never invited to play games either. It made him sad. He ran away. Remember?)

Seriously people! I am waiting here!!!!

Now there are APPS!!!! You can connect to your FB friends and have a whole bunch of people to play with. I have actually been sitting next to someone, (you know, spending quality time…) while we competed in a friendly round of Trivia Crack. “HAHAHAHA!!! I beat you! You think you are so smart!!!! I WON!!! Yes. I am the Champion…” (Of a FB game, but still a champion.) You can track your Achievements and see how you measure up against your friends. This is awesome. I mean, you need a concrete way to be measured on your worthiness as a person. You have to be really super smart to play Trivia Crack.




this is one of the pics I used to cheat with CheatMaster 5000. I am ashamed.

Now, Words with Friends. Okay, if you are currently playing me, I have once again resorted to cheating. I am sorry. I can’t help it. I was losing so badly. ALL THE TIME! It was not good for my self-esteem. I feel fairly certain some of these other fools are cheating too. They are coming up with way too many fake words. It is still fun. I cannot keep up the ruse that I am not cheating. I am using CheatMaster 5000. It even sounds a little scientific. Nope. Just a cheater. I feel the need to win. Oh, well. Now you know. If you don’t want to play with me anymore, I understand.




Because who doesn’t need to know if they have basic Modern Manners?

PlayBuzz Quizzes. Once again, there is now an App. The most fun part is seeing how your results compare with your friend’s results. We compulsively share them on our news feeds. After all, these quizzes are totally scientific, and we stand to learn a lot about ourselves. Seriously, if you cannot afford therapy, just spend some real time taking PlayBuzz quizzes. You can find out what Frozen character you are, then read up on their personalities. It is a window to your soul.




Okay, so here’s the point. Facebook gives us so many opportunities to connect to other people, and more importantly, it gives us an easy distraction. So, if you get tired of seeing pictures of everyone’s dinner, their baby pictures, their vacation pictures, and their endless health updates; join the dark side. Come play Trivia Crack. I need more games going. It is taking too much time for my lives to regenerate and I need a fix.

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