Granddaddy’s Little Girl

Sitting in my favorite spot, he always had room for me.

I am indeed a lucky girl. Some girls are Daddy’s Little Girl, I have always been Granddaddy’s Little Girl. Which is way better in my opinion.

Let me tell you a little bit about my Granddaddy:

  • His name is Gerald Pierce.
  • He was born in Paris, Texas.
  • He is my mother’s father.
  • He is easily one of the most handsome people I know.
    I think he looks like a rock star.
  • He listens to talk radio in the car.
  • He likes to nap in his recliner.
  • He knows something about everything.
  • I am his favorite oldest Granddaughter.
  • He does not admit that out loud, but I know it’s true.
  • He played catcher for a Fast-Pitch Softball team.
  • (His face lights up when he talks about it.)
  • He was an avid golfer.
  • I am pretty sure he could have played for the PGA.
  • He instilled my love of watching golf on TV
  • He was in the Army. Stationed in Oklahoma.
  • He knows exactly 2 bedtime stories. Goldilocks and The Three Bears, and Three Little Pigs.
  • He has an excellent Big Bad Wolf voice.
  • My Granddaddy is one of the best cooks I know.
  • He loves to experiment in the kitchen, and he has come up with many tasty treats.
  • The best part is how he will ask you (every single time) whether or not you liked it.
  • Then he wants to know what you liked about it.
  • He reads cookbooks for fun, and shares a ton of recipes on FaceBook.
  • Actually, I think that may be just about all he does on FaceBook.
  • Now, you all know, I can’t cook. I think that irks him.
  • He is always so quick to tell me how easy something is to make.
  • Then, I usually get a demonstration.
  • It brings him so much joy to provide sustenance for his family.
  • He usually sends me home with leftovers, which is a huge bonus with the whole not cooking thing.
  • Here’s a quick tip, don’t go to Granddaddy’s house if you are on a diet- there will be a treat there, and you will be expected to have some. (And, you will be just pretending when you say that you don’t want another bite- it always deserves at least one more bite.)
  • The arm of Granddaddy’s chair is the best seat in the house.
  • I’m a little sad I don’t fit there anymore- that would be quite a sight.
  • He loves to hold his babies.
  • Ty loves him best in the whole world.
  • He was there when all his grandchildren were born.
  • We tease him that he needs hearing aides.
    Ty, Granddaddy, and Topper. Granddad would be perfectly content with these two in his lap for hours.
  • I suspect he is just pretending not to hear us.
  • He loves to show off his new gadgets.
  • He could probably sell anything.
  • He will always come visit you if you are in the hospital.
  • He is never too busy for waiting room duty.
  • He always remembers to call on your birthday.
  • He sleeps through the whole movie at the planetarium.
  • He can drive Go-Karts like a Nascar driver.
  • He does not like to waste time.
  • He is the first (and only) man to give me a diamond.
  • He loves Costco.
  • Ty introduced him to Zynga Poker on iPhone.
  • He is always willing to play a game.
  • He is all about finding a good bargain.
  • Granddad is a self-made man.
  • He believes you should do it right, the first time.
  • He can and will tell you where tumbleweeds came from.
  • He knows all about All the sports.
  • He can get done in 2 hours what most men can’t finish in an entire day.
  • He is genuinely interested in hearing everyone’s story.
  • He has great hair.
  • You should see his face when he gives Granny a present that he is proud of.
  • He loves to take Ty shopping for clothes.
  • He has excellent taste in fashion. But, I think he is happiest in shorts and a golf shirt.
    I hear that hairstyle was all the rage back then. I think he pulls it off well.
  • He built a home that is full of memories.
  • If you want to see him jump, have one of the kids bang on the windows.
  • He loves his kids and grandkids more than anything.
  • He values his family above all else.
  • He is my biggest fan. (because I am actually his favorite.)
  • Well, I was- until Ty came along.
  • I’m just kidding, he loves all his grandkids. (especially me.)
  • If you post on FaceBook that you’re sick- he will call and offer to bring food (or whatever you need.)
  • He does not like it when his kids drive in bad weather.
  • If you go too long without updating FaceBook while on vacation, he will call to check on you.
  • He offers guidance and encouragement in all your endeavors.
  • He always believes that we can all do anything we want to.
  • He is proud of all of his Grandchildren.
  • Rumor has it that he once went and bought furniture without checking with Granny.
  • He is not allowed in Dillard’s furniture section anymore. (But, that is just a rumor.)
  • If you ever get a job as a waitress, he will come eat there and, leave you a generous tip.
  • He took Granny to get an ice cream cone on their wedding day.
  • He was so proud when I graduated from college.
  • He throws the most fun graduation parties.
    Just the boys. I think these outfits were planned. Ty, Granddad, and Kyle
  • He will always make sure that you have what you need.
  • He likes to try a new bottle of wine. (once again, I am pretty sure Costco is his Mecca.)
  • He likes for me to try a new bottle of wine. (I like it too.)
  • He was really excited to get a senior’s discount at restaurants.
  • The only way to eat steak is medium rare. Salt and Pepper is all it needs.
  • He will make fun of you when you ask for the steak to be a little less raw.
  • Then, he will reluctantly fix your steak- with a disappointed and disdainful expression.
  • He values good service.
  • I am not sure I will ever meet a man who could possibly love me as my Granddaddy has- He has set the bar really high.
  • He has helped guide my son into the young man he is.
  • He likes to give gifts.
  • He is too cool. Seriously.
    He is highly successful, and good at anything he tries to do.
  • He is a hard worker, and values others who work hard.
  • He always gets a hug and a kiss when saying “hello” and “good-bye”
  • He is my hero.
    I never realized that Ty looks like him until I saw this picture








I just like this picture of Ty. You can’t really tell that he looks like Granddaddy.








You see, today is my Granddaddy’s 73rd Birthday. He is content and satisfied with his life, which actually makes him hard to shop for. As I was thinking about what I would do for his birthday, I knew I had to do something special. So, I wanted to share a little bit of him with you.

I am indeed a very lucky girl. I have the good fortune of having the best Granddaddy in the world. So, I would not trade being Granddaddy’s Little Girl for anything.

Happy Birthday Granddaddy. I love you so much! I am so glad you are my Granddaddy.

I promise this year, I will not forget to call.

Handsome Devil!



One thought on “Granddaddy’s Little Girl

  1. That one Thanksgiving, many years ago while we were in college, is the only time I have had a holiday meal without my family. Your Granddaddy, and the rest of your family, made me feel so welcome and at ease. I have always remembered that kindness. Thanks, Granddaddy!

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