Do you wanna be my friend?

Hi Dave. May I call you Dave? Please? I think you are pretty fantastic. We could be friends.

Okay, I admit it. I am one of those annoying people who fantasizes about famous people. I actually size them up and wonder if they would be a good friend. Now, most people know I am obsessed with Dave Grohl. I am pretty sure he would fantastically fun to hang out with. I am also convinced he would like me and my friends. Oddly enough, as I write about him there is a commercial for the Foo Fighters to be on The Today Show. Funny, because watching The Today Show is what prompted this post. 

This is one of my favorite movies EVER! I love a good coming of age story.

Remember that scene from Almost Famous where Billy Crudup hangs out with some good Topeka people? That may be one of my favorite fantasies. Come on! Who wouldn’t want their favorite star to come hang out with them at a party full of their friends? Perhaps minus the acid trip.

Doesn’t she look like a fun person? I love how she presents herself and I am pretty sure we would have a great time.

Perhaps my biggest fan crush is still Sandra Bullock. I am CONVINCED she would love to hang out with me and my friends. I love the people who seem real. Yes, I am very aware they are just normal people. That is the point. So am I! We already have something in common.  This all started this morning as I was watching the rerun of The Today Show and Jenna Bush Hager was choosing with Hoda Kotb. She looked so cute in her yellow dress, and she seems so down to earth and fun. I found myself wishing I could be her friend. The first thing I would tell her is how adorable that dress was.

This image released by NBC shows Jenna Bush Hager on NBC News'
Obviously not this dress. However, still adorable. She comes across so friendly and open on air. I love watching her. I am still sure we could be friends. LOL

Now, I have real friends. Lots of them. I also have a whole tribe of new friends who I get to go on adventures with. So, why do I judge people on whether or not I think they would make a good friend? It is a good yard stick. So, what makes a good friend?

  1. Honesty paired with kindness. If I look terrible in something, tell me! It is highly probable I did not realize how off I was that day. However, if I am excited about whatever outfit, hairstyle, or makeup technique I have tried, please be kind. You may gently redirect me if I am way off, but don’t humiliate me. I am sensitive.
  2. Always up for a laugh or a cry. You have to be willing to be with your friends in good times and hard times. If you bail as soon as the good times are over, you pretty much suck.
  3. You like me for me. I am quirky at best. Some people enjoy my quirks. Others, not so much. It is okay if we don’t necessarily gel, but don’t pretend we do.
  4. You forgive mistakes. I am not perfect. I make lots of social mistakes. I am not comfortable in many situations. This is getting better, however I still need lots of reassurance and advice. I want to fit in and have a good time. Help a girl out.
  5. You enjoy getting my random selfies from time to time. Yep. I am a selfie girl. This is new for me. I went years avoiding the camera because I felt fat. I finally realized it is fun to take silly, not always flattering pics of myself. I share them with you to make you laugh. Or just to be funny. LAUGH! That’s the point. I am not shallow I think these selfies mean anything. It has become funny. The middle-aged chick taking selfies like a teenager. Jump in the selfie with me. It is fun.
See? It’s all about having fun. Not taking everything so seriously. Friends are fun!

I spent years feeling awkward and just not fitting in. Then, I learned to just be myself. I have nothing to prove and I am a lot nicer when I am comfortable being me. It helps that I have surrounded myself with people who enjoy my company and laugh when I am being funny. They also laugh at times when I am not trying to be funny… oh well, you can’t win them all. 

Well, you gotta mix the selfies up.
One of my favorite pics of all time There is a video that was accidentally shot first. We were having such a good time.
Yes, it is completely appropriate to force the waiter into out selfie shenanigans. Don’t worry, we tip well.
Processed with Moldiv
It is all about having a good time. You can be there in the not so good times, but in the end- we are having fun.
You know, Angela has been making me take pics for years. She may be the first person who insisted on chronically our adventures with a camera. So, thank her or blame her. Man- Yet another time I was horribly sunburned.
Highly posed selfies are the best. You don’t actually think these funny moments just happen do you? Of course they do! Sometimes they are recreated for the camera… but where do you think we get the idea?
Obligatory group pic! The pretty lady in white was about to be a married woman.
Of course only one of us was ready for this photo…. This is part of the fun!
We are about to get Muddy!!!!
I wish Kristianne’s face wasn’t cut off… but, I think Angela and I look great! We were having such a good time.

Angela, my best friend probably deserves some recognition. She has been essentially a photo journalist for as long as I have known her. I used to make fun of her for always having a camera, however she deserves credit. She was the first person besides my family who made me get in the picture. I am so grateful for that. It has allowed me to have a lot of memories I could have lost without the record. One important point: not all selfies have to flattering and at just the right angle. We need to stop trying to hide all our imperfections. They are just part of us. The people who love us, love us with our imperfections. They are well aware of those occasional skin breakouts. They know all about that funny face we make when we are laughing genuinely. They love it. Stop trying to make everything so perfect. Our people love us exactly as we are. If they don’t, they are not our people. Nyki, what is your point? You are rambling and for some reason walking down memory lane posting random pics on your plea for famous people to come hang out with you. Well, the point is our friends are the people who we pick to become part of our lives. We share our true selves with them. You can never love too many people. You just have to let them in. It is a good idea to get lots of pics, you never know when you will want to reminisce and enjoy a meandering stroll through your adventures and shenanigans with your friends. PS. If anyone knows Sandra Bullock, Jenna Bush Hager, Dave Grohl, or Vince Vaughn please let them know they are more than welcome to come hang out with me and my friends. I promise plenty of selfie opportunities, and we may just have to take a trip to Target. Why Target? Because that is what we do.

Yes! Yes! YES!!!!

I bet you are wondering what on earth this girl is carrying on about now. Well, if you are sure you are ready. I accepted a proposal. Yes. I totally want to embark on this amazing adventure with you. I have been waiting for this my entire life. I was weepy, and so full of emotion.

And… it was at this moment, the one where I was trying to figure out who I would call first to share my AMAZING and life shattering plans. It was the moment that I remembered… I am sitting on my couch trying to write. Drinking my unsweet blueberry green with a splash of sweet blueberry pomegranate tea. Wonder if I can get paid for advertising…



So, back to my life shattering news. Don’t forget, it is amazing. And, I said “YES!” Okay. We all know that Prince Charming did not actually come careening up my street on his valiant steed (okay, or super loud motorcycle, in full tattooed, and neatly trimmed bearded glory). But, HOW COOL WOULD THAT BE? I can only imagine the depths of my overreacting and excitement. The ring was beautiful and he said the most amazingly romantic thing. Swept me away in a tide of love, romance, and rose petals to the beach- where obviously, we took a long walk, held hands and planned our glorious star-studded future. Ok—ay… none of that actually happened- but, I seriously enjoyed thinking about it while I was in the shower this morning.

I know I am not the only woman who has planned out like 17 weddings. Not to mention all the engagement rings, proposals, honeymoons, and anniversaries. Ummmm, hello Pinterest anyone? Okay, I do not actually really do Pinterest. I get lost and confused. I start off looking for a hairstyle- and end up reading celebrity gossip trash. I do spent hours watching Say Yes to the Dress and whatever other wedding crap TV I can find. I weep at pretty much all weddings on TV. Okay, I love/ hate weddings. And, it seems to me that if I am going to somehow squeeze having this many “most special days of my life”- then, I had better get busy and at least start dating or something.

Remember when we were kids? We were encouraged to use our imaginations, to play! Now, unless you are one of those lucky fools who works in a creative field (so jealous), then there are decidedly fewer socially acceptable opportunities to act out our fantasies. (No! This is not a post about whips and bondage… although, Fifty Shades is coming out in theaters soon.) So, it is with great embarrassment that I admit to living in an almost constant state of daydreaming. I have spent many productive hours planning out a fictional future (with the most amazingly beautiful heroine that one could possibly imagine), written witty acceptance speeches for awards that have not even been invented, planned my television interviews… oh, and let us not forget planning the wardrobe and jewelry choices that I would make. I am a world traveling, life saving humanitarian. I am funny, write best-selling novels, self-help books, and memoirs that are destined to become required reading in college classes that teach you how to be awesome. My art is highly sought after, and people offer me commissions to make their lives richer and a little prettier.

I am pretty sure that I am going to be an amazing lawyer, totally awesome pilot, and ground- breaking scientist. No. I do not actually have any real plans to make any of this happen. It is just something fun to think about. Geez, I am not insane. Well, maybe a little. 

I also think about people I see, or read about and decide whether or not they would like to be my friend. There are a few people who should totally be my friend. Sandra Bullock is one. Another woman who I am pretty sure I should email and invite into my inner circle is Jenny Lawson. She writes a blog I like. Oh, and she wrote one of my favorite books. (Look, if you want to know who she is just google her.) She went to college in my hometown, and I think she would make a fabulous addition to my posse. (Hehe. I just said posse. Perhaps entourage would sound better.) I am feeling fairly certain that Dax Shepard and Kristin Bell would find me charming. (Yes, I was just watching Ellen on my DVR earlier.) Kevin Spacey would probably make me seem smarter. I am sure you are getting the gist. OH, I almost forgot about Ellen, she and I would spend hours watching cat videos and laughing. It would be epic! Oh, and if my real-life friends are reading this… You are more than welcome to come watch cat videos with me sometime. Or, we could just share inane stuff on FB. Oh. I am not trying to replace you- I am sure these famous folk will love you too!!!!

I imagine climbing mountains, exploring the rain forest, and winning an olympic medal. All of these fantasies are fun. It does not actually mean that I think I deserve to do this. I have so much respect for people who manage to be successful in their endeavors. I think this is part of this insane TM stuff for me. It is a challenge, one that with some help can be faced.

So, it is totally not weird that I practice acceptance speeches in the shower. I am willing to practice enough speeches to be worthy of winning any award or prize someone would like to bestow on me. I would be happy to accept a proposal from a man who wants to spend his life with me (well, as long as I like him and stuff.) But, even if none of these things happen- I can still be successful in my life on my own terms.


PS. If Sandra Bullock or Jenny Lawson somehow happen to read this- hit me up on FB. Give me a call. Write me a letter. Whatever- I promise to provide you with tons of entertaining things. Besides, you should see my drunk texts.