Teach Me How to Be Funny

I just want to be funny! 

I swear. That’s really all I want. Clever, witty, smart, humorous without seeming ridiculous. 

So, I find myself reading the people that make me laugh. Augusten Burroughs, Jenny Lawson, Tig Notaro, David Sedaris, and even Dave Barry. (By the way, I have a postcard from Dave – if I can call him that, where he returned some fan mail when I was in high school. It was a highlight of my adolescence.) Not sure what that says about me, but there it is. 

I listen to podcasts. I study. I think and I write. I try to avoid emulation. 

Is this something that can be learned? I don’t pretend to think I could ever be a performer… I just want to write. 

I want to be funny! There must be a secret magic spell I can utter and I will suddenly have the gift of humor. 

Until then, I’ll keep trying. 

Seriously, is it too much to ask? 

Traveling Life

And the difference with me is I used to not care. Stockholm let me go home.

-Jason Isbell

Sometimes it is easy to take home for granted. All the best people are there. My heart is there. So, I am constantly on the go, forever leaving my heart behind. 

So I can stay in a hotel and experience beds not as comfy as mine. Internet connections that require a sign in at the most inconvenient moments. Too many meals eaten out. Laundry crammed into plastic bags. Running out of good books to read. Always leaving something behind. 

Most important, I get to use toilet paper that apparently has a “subtle touch.” Let me tell you, it’s about as subtle as a scrap of sandpaper. I really want to meet the guy who came up with this name. 

Maybe all my friends who call me Princess have a point; I am a little spoiled. 

Wandering adventures are exciting and nerve wracking. Hanging out in airports and driving crappy rentals (unless you get lucky and hit the big time like I did this trip!) can wear on a person. I still wouldn’t trade it for the monotony of regular employment. 

I just have to keep my anchor firmly embedded with the people I love. I need them to keep me moored. As long as I have this, I can safely explore and push myself to do more and see more. 

Maybe I will even find more subtle touches. 

Funny things

Come on! How could you not love this monkey? He is adorable! He looks like a little old man.
This little doggie makes me laugh. He (she?) reminds me of all the little dogs in my life. I love them. They are such fierce protectors. LOL.
This would be funnier if my ringtone was not formerly Call Me, Maybe. I love cheesy pop music.
Can someone please explain to me how we think it is okay to dress our dogs up? Wait! I know. To make memes is good. Okay. Carry on.
Best advice I have seen in a while.

So, I use Facebook as a distraction. Just a little something to make me laugh. I thought I would share some of the things I have enjoyed this week. Oh, and an elevator selfie. I could not pass up the opportunity for a funny picture.

Only three more work days until I get to go home. I miss my new bed. I miss my cats. Yeah, I am a little homesick. I suppose this is normal.

I am somewhat convinced this experience will leave me better off in the long run. It is worth it. I have met some interesting people, and I am learning a lot about myself.

I want to continue to grow both professionally and personally. This is a great way to ensure that. I cannot help but wonder what adventures are coming next. How long can a person maintain this pace?

This weekend when I go home, I get to go to work at my old job. I can’t wait. I miss seeing my nurse coworkers. I miss Work Mommy and Work Daddy (hehehe.) I am so glad to get to work with them again, even if it is just for a few days.

Most importantly, I want to see my family. I love them so much. They are my anchor in this world. When I feel uncentered and adrift, they help me to keep my feet planted on the ground. So, three more days until I head home… I am ecstatic.