Texas Salt Water and Overthinking

I’ve lived in Texas my whole life, all 37 years and a few months. Somehow I have never been to a Texas beach. Today I remedied the situation. 

Now, we all know I love drive-by tourism. I like to swoop in, get a good look, and get out before my car’s engine has even had time to cool off. Sometimes I don’t even get out of the car. Like at this mini-golf place I stopped at to see the dinosaurs. 

The beach was nice. It took forever to find a public beach access. Seriously, why do they fence it all off? My only complaint? The trash! Come on fellow Texans! We were raised on the motto “Don’t mess with Texas.” There is no excuse. I counted no fewer than 6 trash cans within 50 steps of your litter. 

Otherwise, I enjoyed my time on the sand. I arrived shortly after dawn and got to see several crabs and a lot of birds. I love the sound of waves crashing. 

My little adventures are a great time for me to unwind and daydream. Sometimes I get tired of traveling alone, but mostly I am content. 

I still stand by my feelings that it is better to be alone than to be lonely with someone else. I still have not met someone who doesn’t leave me feeling a little empty when our time together is finished. 

I think my ideal partner is someone who leaves me feeling like I have received something from their company. The most recent paramours have left me feeling like I was giving and never the recipient. Eventually all that leaves me with is bankruptcy and resentment. 

So, I will continue to seek out new adventures and fill my life with friends and family who love me, and who I love right back. If I ever find someone who doesn’t leave me yearning for something more, I’ll let you know. 

Until then I have pretty memories and pictures. 

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