Ink and Wells

Sometimes I need a reminder to fight for what I know is right. 

Sometimes I need a reminder to fight for me. 

Sometimes standing up and speaking out is necessary to achieve some peace and quiet. 

Sometimes you learn to trust new people. It’s okay to have a little faith. 

Sometimes you have to ignore perceived slights and get over your own ego. 

Sometimes it’s hard to acknowledge the truth. 

Sometimes you just have to do what is in front of you, regardless of the outcome. 

Sometimes you grow weary of the constant battle between right and wrong. 

Sometimes the best decision is not black or white. It’s not even gray. It’s a shade of red you don’t even like. 

Sometimes others can speak on your behalf, sometimes you have to find your own voice. 

Sometimes writing feels pointless. Your pen ran dry.

Sometimes the well is full of ink, just waiting for you to find the answer with your words. 

It’s okay to use all the words you need to illustrate the situation. Just allow veracity to be the ruler. Don’t minimize or exaggerate. Be transparent. 

If you run out of ink, borrow some from another well. Take a deep breath, find the truth. Tell the story. 

19 thoughts on “Ink and Wells

    1. Sorry- Patient decided to get sick. Now, I’m on hold. Wishing I were writing fun stuff, instead I am writing a complaint. It’s not fun reliving a negative work environment, especially when you are sitting next to the aggressor. 😐

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      1. I learned about how a heart rate and fever were related when I was a nurse tech. (Like Jr. nurse. Don’t give meds- but do everything else.)
        I had a patient who would have a heart rate in the 70s, and it would suddenly shoot up to the 130s when his fever spiked. Nothing worked except bathing him in ice water… which is miserable if you have fever. But, I had to do it. He would call me Nurse Tech Ratchet.
        I remember he would crack jokes while his teeth were chattering and he was nearly in tears from the pain of rigors.
        He would know his fever was going back up- but he would wait for me to come down and see it. I started noticing his heart rate from the nurse’s desk- if it started going up, his temperature was going up.
        He also taught me how to follow trends. Even if something wasn’t abnormal- you could see it was heading there. Usually a few hours before someone gets really sick- their body gives you clues. A slight, almost imperceptible hint. If you are paying attention, you may notice and intervene before they try to die or something.
        The trick is to pay attention to trends. Find the thing that doesn’t fit for that person.

        Sorry. I was asleep. I’ll do better tomorrow when I try again.

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