You know the guy, the one who manages to make every single encounter an absolute bore? The guy who never smiles at your silly little puns or laughs at your hilarious jokes. The guy who manages to suck the fun out of every conversation. Don’t be that guy. 

I finally realized life is too short to walk around miserable day in, day out. I want to have fun. Sure, there are many areas of everyday life reeking of monotony and drudgery but why do we have to be miserable while we carry on with the chores of living?  

I still struggle with a fatalistic outlook and frequently have to remind myself to look for the adventure. I never said having fun was going to be easy. I continue to battle anxiety and dread when I sit back and evaluate exactly what I am doing with my life. I have not actually figured very much out at all. 

Today, I will remember to have fun. Even if I hate every moment of it. 😜

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