Allergic to Everything


This is what Wikipedia says antihistimines look like

I look like death. 

Coughing, sneezing, sniffling, eyes watering, grumpy, nose dripping death. 

This happens to me every year. I am allergic to everything. I was supposed to start allergy shots and talked myself out of it. Maybe I should have listened to the doctor. 

Ugh. The next person who asks me if I am sick is going to get a snotty tissue thrown at them. It’s allergies! I’m just a big baby about it. I assure you, I’m fine. Now, stop talking to me. I am planning a funeral for the tender sore spot under my nose.  

2 thoughts on “Allergic to Everything

  1. I’m going to start telling people I have allergies when I’m sick, and when they catch my sickness, no one will ever believe anyone when they say “it’s just allergies” again! MUAHAHA.
    Kidding. Feel less like death soon.

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