Road tripping

I love road trips.

This past week I drove from Western Massachusetts to Chicago to visit one of my closest friends. It was a fourteen hour drive not including my pitstops. 

This time is sacred to me. I can think, daydream, listen to music and podcasts, and just leave everything else behind me. I can’t do anything but drive and let my mind wander. I can only do what I can do, I have to allow myself to make steady progress. There is absolutely no way I am getting there any faster than I am going to. 

It’s a relief. 

So much of my time is spent feeling pressured to hurry up and accomplish something. Hurry up and be successful. Hurry up and get your shit together. 

It’s funny. I have no idea what any of those things look like. The only thing I know is I need to hurry up and figure it all out. 

Driving gives me a chance to take a step back. I have a destination but it is okay if the road has detours. The detours can be the best part of the whole trip. 

My favorite part of this picture is how clearly the rearview mirror image contrasts with the view in front. I can’t always see where I am headed but if I take time to look back it will be clear where I have been. 

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