Love is in the air

  Maybe not love… But interesting and fun things. Just wondering: if you meet someone who is a friend of a friend on Tinder, can you honestly say you met through friends? 
Of all the Tinder dates from last week, he is the best. I actually want to spend time with him. I want to be his friend. I am having an exceptionally good time. (Somehow I got him to watch Downton Abbey with me tonight.) 

Things are looking up. I had a most fantastic week. I learned some lessons.

1. Too many first dates in one week is exhausting. 

2. There are LOTS of losers in the world. 

3. It’s okay to just be me. 

4. I still don’t understand the damn semicolon. (Not important)

5. A good first date CAN include a movie as long as there is dinner after. (Deadpool is a great date movie.)

6. Dating does not have to be all that serious. It’s just hanging out with someone new. 

7. If he makes you laugh, brings you flowers, and makes you feel like he wants to hear what you have to say it’s a good date. 

8. A guy who has some stories to tell is the best date. So much better than 20 questions. 

9. Having mutual friends is fun. It’s most fun when you are both texting her about each other. Just don’t accidentally send him the screen shot you were trying to send her.  *

*of course I did not really do that. **

**obviously, I did that. ***

***he laughed and offered to forward it to our friend. Oops. 

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