Lessons Learned

This coffee mug says every thing I need to say most of the time.

My new trunk works great as a makeshift coffee table/desk. (Thanks for getting it and sending it to me Mom!)

I really do sound like I am from Texas. Apparently I say “Y’all” and “I’m fix in’ to…”

The Northeast is colder than I ever imagined. People keep telling me how mild this winter has been and I kinda want to hit them.

Getting packages from home is the best. It reminds me how much my family and friends support me and love me. Plus, it eases the loneliness of being so far away.

I appreciate the opportunity to learn. I geek out when I am given new information. This may be one reason this job was such a good idea. I seem to be surrounded by teachers.

I learn new stuff every day! I have a new appreciation for there being more than one right way to do something. Just because it is not my way, does not mean it is the wrong way.

Going back to gym after such a long hiatus is incredibly difficult. You forget how much the first workout hurts. Even if it was not balls to the walls.

Keeping all the new names and faces straight is hard enough. Now let me figure out how to navigate this hospital. I will keep getting lost until I don’t.

I can be confident in my abilities. One of my greatest strengths is tenacity. I don’t have to be afraid.

I can be myself and still be nice.

I do not have to be the funniest or most clever person in the room. That just makes you appear insecure.

Shane at the UPS store in Lubbock was exceptionally helpful today. I should send an email. He deserves recognition.

You can take the girl out of Texas, but you are never taking Texas out of the girl.

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