You know how to tell someone really does not care about their job? When you walk into a truck stop- and all you can smell is the stench of soured water being sloshed around on the floor with a filthy mop. 

You venture out of the warm cocoon of your car and wander through the freezing fog to get a warm cup of coffee. You are obsessed with the thought of the bitter caffeinated jolt of truck stop coffee.

As you step over the threshold you are assaulted by a wall of rancid odor. You can taste the sludge in the air. You try unsuccessfully to maintain your composure. You use all your nurse’s might to avoid gagging. You don’t want to breathe through your mouth or your nose. 

Obviously, you think the feeling will pass. You really want that coffee. So, you venture to the ladies room, expecting to see an oasis of cleanliness that so many of the roadside pitstops offer. 

Alas, you are disappointed. The filth is even more deplorable here. Nope. Not doing it. This is more distasteful than your terror of Port-a-potties. You decide to wait. 

You glare accusingly at the lone employee standing behind the register. This is obviously his fault. You do not respond to his apathetic “have a nice day.” 

Opening the door to the foggy abyss is a sweet relief. You hustle to your car. You can always stop up the road for your coffee. 

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