The world has lost it’s mind 

As a human being, I must admit I am tired of all the violence. I am tired of the mass shootings. I am tired of the terrorists. I am tired of all the fighting over imaginary lines and ideologies. 

As a species we have evolved enough to send a man to the moon. We can have instantaneous communication with people anywhere in the world. 

Can someone explain to me why we are such assholes that we are unable to treat our fellow humans with a little respect and dignity? 

Is there a point to all of this? Most assuredly there is not. I am frustrated with the fact that I am becoming desensitized to the point I am no longer surprised that gunmen went and shot up a group of innocent people. I should be broken by this news, and yet I am not. It’s just another day. 

I don’t want to live in a world where this is okay. I want people to care about others. How have we managed to ignore the progress of mankind? 

There is no excuse for hunger. There is no excuse for people not receiving medical care. Children should not have to risk their lives to go to school. 

On a smaller scale, you have domestic violence and bullying. Why the hell can’t we figure it out? This is not that complicated. People should do their part. We should all be working towards a creating a better world. 

Just stop hurting people. 

I don’t want to be afraid. 

I remember when I was a little girl, I would lie awake at night and worry about whether or not there would be a war here. Now, I feel like I am not even safe at my place of work. Gunmen keep attacking healthcare facilities. We have active shooter training. 

What the actual hell? Why is this necessary? Why can’t we just make it stop? It seems so simple. Stop hurting people. Keep your hands to yourself. Don’t call people names. Maybe you don’t always have to be right. 

I don’t want to be afraid.  


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