Paris on my mind

I wish I had the words to say something really profound and original about the attacks on Paris. I don’t though. I must admit I am pretty much ignorant about the history of the middle east and how these groups got started. I am not here to put forth an opinion on those issues. I just want to talk about how I feel about all of this.

I do not understand how people can MURDER innocent victims in the name of a god and the afterlife. I do not understand how parents of daughters can want their children to grow up to be subservient. I am unable to fathom how people teach their children to hate in the name of God.

I am confounded by all of this.

Terrorism… just sucks. I don’t understand it. I guess I am rather sheltered here. My thoughts are with all the victims of violence, especially those in Paris. I cannot imagine how scary that must have been. I really wish this would just stop. Is Peace too much to ask for?

6 thoughts on “Paris on my mind

      1. I know, they claim to be following Islam, MY Religion, and it hurts to see My Religion, My Peaceful teachings, My pure Path to be used for this terrible crime. I know that French are in Pain, but so are the True Muslims,,,,

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      2. I imagine that is true.
        To be honest, I think that humanity should be hurting. I don’t care about people’s religious beliefs- I don’t judge them for their culture. I find all of it fascinating. (Despite the fact I am a nonbeliever)
        I don’t understand why we have to focus on the differences. Why can’t we celebrate unique traits?
        Why do we have to live our lives focused on an afterlife? Shouldn’t we live today?
        I have the same concerns regarding all religions- especially religious extremists.

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      3. I think whenever the humanity is growing closer and happier, Some creatures do not like it, and they think of ways to divide us,,the only way we can fight is by STANDING TOGETHER…


      4. I wrote a letter for the French people on my blog,please read it, it expresses mine as well as the feelings of the entire Muslim world


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