It’s About Time

I was so excited. It was almost 3 am. I only had a couple of more hours until I was going to head home. Then, I walked by the guy turning back the clocks. I told him it’s not supposed to happen until Sunday. He chuckled and reminded me it is Sunday.

Dreams crushed. So, now it is 0146, not 0246. I have already survived this time once tonight, and now I have to start all over.

Daylight Savings Time is just annoying. The only time it is good to gain an extra hour is when you are at home in bed. For the poor souls who work nights on that weekend, (actually the weekend we switch back to standard time) we are just stuck here for an extra hour with nothing to show for it.

My good friend TG was trying to explain time to me earlier…. actually something about relativity and gravity and wormholes… essentially things that will never make sense to me. I mean just because you experience time at a different speed, how would that keep you from aging? Your body is programmed to the clock here on Earth right? So, relativity changes reality? Maybe I am comparing the wrong things. I don’t know. It does not seem rational.

I guess you could think about how the years fly by as we get older, but for a five year old a year is an eternity. It is because it is 1/5th of their life. At this point a year is 1/35th of my life. It is a smaller unit. However it is still the same amount of time. That does not change the rate I age. Except you do change a lot more at 5 than 35. Hmmm.

See, just rambles. I suppose I could look it up and try to understand it, but I really don’t know how that is going to do anything… except eat some of my time. Oh… It could help this extra hour disappear. However, I am going to go wander the halls and complain about the time change.

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