Comfortable and friendly place to stay.

Nice place to stay.

So, I am working out of town for ten days. I am staying at Hampton Inn in Mount Pleasant, Texas. Let me just tell you, it’s a pretty nice place. Nothing fancy, however the staff here is friendly, courteous, and helpful. I cannot stand it when people act like you are interrupting them when you need to use their services.

My room is always clean when I return, and my stuff is exactly where I left it. The bed is pretty comfortable, and the AC works well.

So, why does this earn a blog post? Well, I just had the most lovely conversation with a woman who works here, and she made me feel so welcome. It is the first morning I was not on the verge of a lonely little weep- fest. (Okay, that may be a slight exaggeration, but it is a little lonely without your family or any of your friends around.) I stood there in the breakfast area while she was working, and had a nice normal little chat. Now, I feel ready to start the day. (Ha! I am so glad I snuck in to steal a cup of coffee before breakfast time.)

It is so important for travelers to be welcomed into a comfortable, friendly environment. I imagine I would be miserable if my accommodations were not comfortable.

The hospital I am at this assignment is also nice. It has been a whirlwind of introductions, and I cannot remember anyone’s name. (Someone may be named Amanda- or that could be Katie. – Katie, if you are reading this, I hope you get a laugh!)

I am thinking I am going to like doing this kind of work. It is challenging and I am learning a lot. Maybe someday I will be a seasoned world traveller, and I will know all the tricks to making a hotel room feel more like home. Until then, I am just grateful for the friendly people.

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