Ummm… is this what 35 is supposed to look like?

Yes! It is a tiara. With Glitter. And, yes those are bubbles in my scepter. Why? Because I am a princess. Every one thinks so.

Seriously. What age is it when you finally have it all figured out? I really thought 25 would be it. Then, 28 seemed like it would be the year. Now, here I am at 35…. and I am still pretty much flailing away, and figuring it all out as I go. Sigh.

There is some good news: Every thing is awesome. I get to be and do anything I am willing to try to work for. That is a liberating feeling.

I am on a path of many wonderful adventures.

If you had asked me 20 years ago who I would be at 35, I would have been so wrong. Turns out, I am still the same girl. I only wish I had been a little nicer to her.

So, having a great time. Surrounded by thoughtful and hilarious friends. I promise you, I have never laughed so hard continuously before. Good times, Good beer, and I may have had lemon cake for breakfast.


5 thoughts on “Ummm… is this what 35 is supposed to look like?

  1. Joyous birth canal evacuation period! Knowing you in highschool and knowing you now, I can say this, you are the same girl. You just have your wings wide open crusing in the wind. I am proud of who you have become and proud of who you were. Much love Princess Nyki!

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