Life is Good

IMG_9367I am a lucky woman. I am a single mom, and my son is the light of my life. I know, everyone says that. He has sacrificed so much for me to have a career, and he has been so gracious and supportive every step of the way.

I do not do it alone, my family has helped us so much! I could not have accomplished any of this without their support. I am so grateful. I swear, I don’t even have the words. What??? Nyki at a loss for words? 

Ty needed something to drive. I wanted something that included bubble wrap and a helmet. Turns out, those are not standard features on any vehicle. 

Here is the best part. We actually pulled off a surprise. My family took him to “look” at cars. I had him convinced I was looking at a car. He had told my mother he really wanted a truck, but he understood if I could not get him one. As if I would not do every thing in my power to get him what he really wanted… that is what I always do. 

Then, he was sitting in this truck. Just to see if he liked it. My brother told him it was his. The look on his face was priceless. He was SHOCKED! The way he said “It’s mine? Really?” He immediately dug in his pocket for his phone, and called me to tell me over and over how much he appreciated it. I think he may have been in shock a bit.

My job as a parent is not to give my child every thing he wants. There are many things he would like to have, and they are out of the question. I am lucky. I work hard, and I have good opportunities. I work a lot, and it takes me away from my family. My son could be bitter and complain about my work schedule. He doesn’t. He always understands.

There have been times in the past he and I have had plans that were canceled after I received a phone call about short staffing. He never complained or whined. He said “I understand. It’s okay. Your patients need you.”

When I went back to graduate school so I could become a nurse practitioner, my time was monopolized by my career even more. My son and my family were so patient and supportive. Even the times I wanted to quit. Without their support, I never would have made it through all of it.

So, now he has a truck. I can only hope he is careful, and the other drivers on the road are careful. I wanted him to have a reliable vehicle. I wanted him to have something to drive he was proud of. I wanted to see him smile. He may be a little spoiled. The good news is he is a good kid. He makes good choices most of the time. He has a huge heart. I am proud of the man he is becoming.

I think I am almost as excited about this truck as he is. I would do anything for him. It’s one of the perks of being an only child. Believe me, he wishes he was not an only child. I remember when he was about three years old, and he informed me he needed a sister. Sorry buddy, not happening. 

So, life is good. It is all worth it. I would do anything to provide a good life for my son.

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