I may have a problem

This is less than half of the books. They are mostly double stacked. I have to finish putting together bookshelves. I have an obsession with words.

I love books. I love the paper, the binding, the way the pages feel under my fingertips. I love to see a word I do not know, and to look it up so I figure out a meaningful way to use it.

I had a LOT of books. Then, my next door neighbor died and her brother gave me all of her books. She had the same problem I do. Too many books! What??? You can never have too many books! Shut your mouth. 

I am not sure how many books I own, and I must start cataloging them. I refuse to part with my lovely treasure trove of knowledge.

Why on earth do I love books so much? They are someone’s heart and soul, graciously shared with me. It is an honor to read someone’s passion. You never know what kind of message you will find.

I want to write a book. I have started a story I am very attached to, however I don’t want to ruin it. So, I hesitate. I continue to think of little blurbs I can post on this blog. I chastise myself for my cowardice. Why can’t I just write the story?

Because I love the characters. I want to do them justice. Except the daughter in law. I plan to kill her off. I don’t like her. Why would I write a character I don’t like? To maintain credibility. There are lots of people in the world I don’t like. 

So, what to do with all these books? Oh, see that box there on the side? It is a bookshelf. I still have four of them in the boxes. I should just put them together. I really hate putting together bookshelves. I have only lived here for almost four years, and failed to put them together yet. Sigh. 

So, I guess I should get busy. They are not going to build themselves… although, wouldn’t that be cool? Maybe I can find a witch to put a spell on my apartment, like Beauty and the Beast. Or not.

What books do you love? How do you keep up with your library? What is your ideal home library? Personally, I fantasize about the magical room I could have. Surrounded by books. Endless possibilities. Billions of words. A girl can dream.

One thought on “I may have a problem

  1. Personally I really hate the idea of cleaning my shelves, but I have to do it since I dislike dusty books even more. 😛 Thus when I transferred into another room, I made sure that my new bookshelf would have a glass door – that way, I can prevent the dust from accumulating (I really hate dusting!) but at the same time still see the covers of the books. 😀 The toughest part of arranging books into shelves is starting it – usually my books stay in the paper bags for quite some time.. But once you start, I think the love of books will just drive you to make sure the shelf looks perfect in your eyes. 😛

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