Their expressions are cracking me up

This picture cracked me up. For some reason, my son was holding Harley and they both look vaguely unimpressed.

IMG_9214Harley is my Mamaw’s puppy. He is hilarious; full of spunky attitude, and a great buddy for my Mamaw. It is funny how these little guys come bounding into our lives and hearts, and the impact our furry friends have on our lives is profound.

I am more of a cat girl, and dogs need more time and attention than I have to give right now. However, I love my canine family too. Wanna meet my sister? Her name is Presley Nicole. (I bought her for Mom, so I insisted she name her after me.)

 My mother is crazy about this dog! She is so much fun. She is a great guard dog, and no one come into the yard without her permission. (Well, without her greeting anyway.)

We are lucky to have such loyal little buddies, and someday I will have time for a dog of my own. Until then, I get to love my family and friend’s pups. Just another example of how I am a lucky girl.

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