Welcome to Me

Kristen Wiig is my hero. She somehow managed to handle one of the darkest movies I have ever seen with a funny, off kilter charm, that assures me that she meant no harm.

There have been lots of movies made about mental illness, and some are funny. I am struggling to figure out if this was funny. I laughed and immediately felt guilty for laughing.

Brief synopsis: A mentally ill woman who has an unhealthy fascination with Oprah, wins the lottery and decides to start her own talk show. She manages to find some great guys (imagine me saying that without a snarl) who allow her to pay them millions of dollars, and produce this travesty.

It reminds me of the young celebrities who are exploited and allowed to ruin their lives without anyone setting any limits for them. Sad situation. Everyone needs limits.

Now my favorite part of the movie was Tim Robbins as her therapist. He was a cool cucumber. I seriously loved the way he played this role. He is so open about his concern for her. It seems that too many people let Alice make bad decisions, and no one stepped in to protect her.

I think it was a good movie. It is hard to call it a comedy, simply because it is so disturbing and sad, however the funny hides the horror of the whole thing. I am glad it is simply someone’s imagination.

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