Things I learned from my weekend away

IMG_9141Vacations do not have to be long, adventure-filled, money- sucking events. I left my house Wednesday night, and just got home a few minutes ago. I got to meet TWO of my friends, and I realized you can make meaningful connections with people who are many miles away. All it takes is a mutual commitment to be honest about who you are.

I also learned that I have extremely tall friends. I rarely feel short, tonight I feel short.

Writing about myself is going to be a mind opening experience. I have finally realized the moment that my life changed. I was sincerely shocked when I was writing about it. I had no idea. I am interested in seeing what else I learn about myself.

I am getting better at knowing how to behave in social situations, turns out all you have to do is be more social.

Most important, I learned that it is good to take time for yourself, and to go out of your comfort zone. I saw some interesting sights, and I had a fantastic time- all while not doing anything particularly exciting.

I am looking forward to the next time I get to hang out with these new friends, and until then I am grateful for text messaging, cell phones, and the internet. It is truly making the world a little smaller.

Oh, and one last thing- Podcasts are a great way to pass the time on a road trip. I listened to all of Serial, and several Nerdist Podcasts. I had a great time.

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