Why is everyone losing their mind?

I am really getting tired of reading about Grey’s Anatomy on Facebook. This is getting ridiculous. Are people really that boring?

There are plenty of real life things to be upset about. I keep reading comments about petitions and other nonsense. Are you kidding me? Do people really need to waste their time with this? Come on people, get your priorities straight.

Something else, why are there so many medical mistakes in television shows? I am watching Sons of Anarchy again, and they are using PO Vancomycin for a guy who was shot. The doctor’s rationale? It will kill anything. Ummm. Yeah, no. The only thing they are going to treat with that is C. Diff. Give me a break.



12 thoughts on “Why is everyone losing their mind?

  1. House, M.D. is a show I enjoy in doses. But it also seems as though the diagnostic answer is always the same thing, and yet never actually ends up being any of those things because that would be boring.

    Also, everyone always has either liver failure or kidney failure. Apparently every disease ever kills those organs.

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      1. I used to like FB as well since I can interact with my friends there. However, when my real-life friends one by one leaved FB because of its BS, I have to leave as well…

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      2. Yes, I am frequently annoyed- it seems that they are trying to make it less user friendly every day. I have a lot of friends and “friends” that I keep up with through FB though.

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  2. I didn’t watch the episode. I only read the spoilers and the “headline only nothing here” news about why McDreamy was fired. GA jumped the shark well before April’s wedding and I find the characters to be overly “speaky” for tired, busy medical practitioners. My doctors and I must appear to communicate telepathically, in comparison. The GA “medicles” all speak/whine in the exact same style and never seem to notice there’s someone in front of them. It’s quite disconcerting. Thanks for allowing me this mini rant.

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    1. I used to really love the show… We all watched it when we were in nursing school… I have a “person,” and we really related to the whole student aspect of it all. Now, I think it needs to end- before they beat the proverbial dead horse to death.

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