It’s okay. It’s a dungeon anyway.

Okay, it’s not this bad…


I have not decorated my office. I took my already framed BSN and hung it on the wall (my MSN is still safely ensconced in the cardboard tube it came it), put a sugar skull penny bank on my desk, and filled the desk drawer with pens and other random things from my pockets.

Today, they asked me if a new person (who really does need an office much more than I do) could have my office, and if I would not mind moving somewhere else. Of course I don’t mind! It’s a terrible office. It resembles a sauna in the winter, and a walk-in beer cooler in the summer. The walls are a hideous shade of blah, and there is an ancient wall paper border near the ceiling. Well, part of one. We tried to pull it down, and just ended up making the mess worse. (oops.)

Oh, and the carpet? It is maroon, which is oddly appropriate for this space. You get the sense that you have been marooned to the middle of the building, far away from any sign of sunlight. Personally, I would prefer to be marooned on a desert island (well, only if it has a 5 star resort handy with cabana boys to bring me free frozen fruity drinks.)

So, I suppose I am going to say goodbye to my little office sometime in the near future, and I will move to an equally awkward space in the building, at least I did not have to pick the closet. I remember when I started this job, one of the super exciting parts was that I had an office! I felt like a real professional. It took me months to spend more than a couple of minutes in it. It’s lonely and isolated. I really have never been very fond of the room anyway.

However, there is a very small part of me that is a little sad. I no longer have my very own office. Maybe my new space will not have that terrible phone that I do not know how to use. That would be a big improvement.

I do reserve the right to whine about this turn of events, and make the new guy feel guilty at least once a week. Perhaps he will make a gesture of good will, and buy some flowers to brighten up my new corner of the world. (That may be a hint, a certain nurse practitioner who shall remained unnamed, would really like for someone to buy her some freaking flowers.) After all, I am giving away my dungeon.

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