Those Family Ties

Yesterday was Easter.

Time for a family get-together.

I love my family, they crack me up. My nephews are two of my favorite people in the whole world. I know that no matter what, they are going to be good for some cuddles, and a few laughs. We “watched” The Lego Movie. (Okay, that is not exactly true, we had it on really loud in the living room, and did not pay much attention to it at all.) I stole a bunny from Squishy’s easter basket, and Harley (Mamaw’s dog) tried to get it from me.

The best part? Making them laugh with my highly out of tune, scratchy voice screeching “Every thing is AWESOME!” Yep, I love listening to them laugh.

Our munchkins grow up too fast. My son is about to turn 16. I am so thrilled to see who these little men are growing in to.

My littlest brother, he is super sweet. He is always the first one to run out to the car and give me a hug. It’s pretty awesome. My little army of boys.

So, at dinner, I lived up to my usual klutzy ways: I spilled an entire glass of ice tea all over me and the table.

Let me be honest, it was cold and I was embarrassed. I really don’t think anyone else was surprised. It is not a family get together without a minor disaster.

Love my family. Love my boys.

Getting some love from my Squishy!
I stole a bunny. Don’t worry- I gave it back.
I love that KyKy still lets me take selfies with him. Oh! I love that he read to me! Makes me so proud.

Every thing is Awesome.

My family is the best. They let me be myself. I never have to pretend to be someone else. I do not have to self-edit or worry that they will not like me.

I am so proud of my family. We have a little army of boys (they are all boy.)

I hope that as they grow up, they always know that I am here for them, and that I love them for who they are. This is the gift my family gave me, and I will give it to them. That is my job. That is why they are my family. I promise to love them, no matter what. Even if they grow up to dump ice tea all over the table. That is why we are family. Celebrating the quirks makes us family. I am a lucky girl.

Every thing is Awesome. Every thing is Cool.

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