The Men of The Mudder- not our team. The others.

Okay, it is probably a good thing that I did not have a camera on this adventure. Let me tell you. There were some good looking dudes out there. Now, my group was shockingly adorable, but I felt like we were kinda like a big tribe of nomads (possibly all related or something- pretty much off limits). Besides, I was having way more fun watching the sexy calves and shoulders go running by us.

Now, imagine me kinda dehydrated and deliriously tired. You know I lost my filter- and I was talking to just about every cute stranger I could find. There were a lot of hotties.

I do this thing when I am nervous. I introduce myself to random strangers. I have no idea why. Turns out, if you tell someone your name they tend to tell you theirs. It is funny. I guess I just like to see where the conversation goes. Sometimes, it is a nice distraction. You may luck out and get a good joke. It may just be something weird that everyone watches you do- all the while wondering what on earth is wrong with you.

I do not remember any of their names now, or even what they actually looked like.I just remember thinking and sometimes audibly sexually harassing them. (I know, not very mudder-like, but you should have seen them.) Maybe next time I will take a camera of my own. Then, people will get to see the things that I am focusing on.

But, sometime around the water station with the bananas (which will forever be my favorite- even though I do not actually like bananas) there was the most beautiful man I have ever laid eyes on. He was tall, absolutely ripped, and he might have had a beard. I do know he had very blue eyes- and the broadest shoulders I have ever seen. I am pretty certain he was not wearing a shirt. He may have been in cargo shorts. I am just not sure anymore. I had a lot of fun watching that cool drink of water getting a drink of water.

I am just kidding. (No, I am totally not- but, I feel the need to redeem myself.)

See, there is something for everyone at a Tough Mudder. Lots of nice scenery, even out in the desert.

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