34 Things I Learned by being 34

  1. Sometimes it is best to leave something unsaid.
  2. Friendships are important, and they take work.
  3. I can work hard and achieve results.
  4. It is the journey, not the destination.
  5. There is beauty in the unknown.
  6. Money really does not make you happy.
  7. The best time is spending time with your loved ones.
  8. You cannot make people like you.
  9. Being nice is a gift to others and to yourself.
  10. Don’t use your yardstick to judge others.
  11. Sometimes reading bad literature is just fun.
  12. Writing is hard.
  13. We all grow up. Even if we did not see it coming.
  14. I no longer relate to the teenager role when watching TV. I am usually the mom.
  15. Loud music has less appeal than it used to.
  16. It is important to watch the news.
  17. Overindulging in anything will make you sorry later.
  18. Your job cannot be your entire life.
  19. Hobbies are healthy.
  20. You do not always have to let people know what you know.
  21. It is awkward to watch sex in a movie theater.
  22. Good manners are an attractive trait in a man.
  23. Cruelty is disgusting.
  24. Personal responsibility should permeate all areas of your life.
  25. Do not go to bed with dishes in the sink.
  26. It is easier to hang the clothes up as soon as the dryer buzzes, than to put it off.
  27. Just because I don’t agree, doesn’t mean the other person is wrong.
  28. It is okay to change your mind.
  29. Be open to new ideas.
  30. If it is worth having, it is worth working for.
  31. Family and friends should come first.
  32. You have to risk humiliation to show what you can do. (sometimes, it is showing what you can’t)
  33. If everyone is having fun, there is no embarrassment. It’s fun!!!
  34. It is okay to laugh at yourself.


16 thoughts on “34 Things I Learned by being 34

  1. You’re from Texas? You have a very strong hackney dialect. I luvvit. This is fantastic, people do this to me all the time, thinking I’m from somewhere else because of what I sound like. Now I get to do this to someone based what they write. I’ve really mucked it up. No offense. I meant it the nicest, warmest, huggiest way possible. (Dying from embarrassment). xoxo SB

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