Another Turning Point

It is interesting when you imagine all the decisions you make, as being turning points. Intersections. If you are lucky, there is a four-way stop enabling you to take a deep breath and analyze the choices.

I have made a decision to really devote some time to learning more about writing. I want to learn more about grammar, organization, and how to edit and refine my thoughts into a cohesive piece. Yes, I love my rambling musings, but I do not just want to write a diary. I want to learn to write with purpose. Even if the purpose is simply to entertain. (If you read my blog, you are aware I have a lot to learn.)

This is proving to be the thing that was missing from my life. A goal that was not centered firmly in my career. Now, don’t get me wrong. I love my career. I love my job. Remember, it is the job. However, in order to feel like I am a whole person, I need to foster outside interests. I need an avenue where I have unlimited potential, and where I will reap what I sow. I keep coming back to a common theme in my life. I want to be an artist. Now, considering that I have zero artistic talent, I should probably not set my sights on being the next Picasso.

So, what is the point? Why is this important enough to be mentioned in this blog?

Well, this blog has given me an outlet. Something that has infinite potential, and that can grow with me as I hone my craft. (That sounds rather self-important… Nyki, you are sounding like an asshole.) Well, surely you get my drift. It all sounds so serious. But, seriously, it is just so much fun. I am so excited to learn a new form of expression.

Here it is. I need something I can work on. I need to find a concrete avenue for my thoughts. I need to be more of a person. I cannot simply focus on the day-to-day life. I need goals and dreams. So, here goes nothing. I am going to work on this “hobby,” and see what I can accomplish. Maybe if I am lucky, I will manage to improve and write something worthwhile. Not too shabby of a goal.

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