This Shouldn’t Happen

Last night, I was on my way to bed… with the intention of waking up early and heading to the gym for a cardio session. Instead, I got up and walked into my living room- and turned on my TV. I wanted to see the aftermath of the grand jury decision in Ferguson. I was pretty sure that the police officer would not face indictment, and- that was my hope.

I hear the media talking about how the grand jury was probably wrong. And, I hear the analyst spouting their crap about how there was a miscarriage of justice. I even heard one woman saying that this criminal (Michael Brown), should not have been pursued- her rationale- “it was a box of cigars!”

My answer to that sentiment is based on a deep respect for law enforcement officers- and my desire to see criminals removed from society. We cannot let people get away with petty crime, and we must do whatever it takes to protect our local businesses from thuggish behavior. The evidence has shown that the young man was aggressive towards a peace officer. In my opinion- no public servant should have to cower before an assailant. I do not believe that this young man was shot because he was black- he was shot because he was a big, scary asshole who was trying to avoid arrest. He was a jackass.

So, No. This should not happen. Young men should not attack shopkeepers and take merchandise without paying for the goods. Young men should not intimidate the public with acts of aggression. Twelve year olds should not be brandishing weapons and pointing them at other children on the playground. I do not even consider race as an issue. I do not care what color your skin is. Don’t be a thug. Don’t steal, attack, abuse, sell drugs, and commit other crimes. Go out and get a job and be a productive member of society. If Michael Brown had been a white guy and behaved in the same manner that this young man had— he still would have been shot.

We have a responsibility to protect our public interest. As a society, we deserve to live in a community that is free from violence. We deserve the right to have a business without fear of bands of hoodlums traveling to our community with the soul intention of tearing it down. There are many victims in this situation and unfortunately, I believe the only thing Michael Brown was a victim of- was his own bad decisions. I feel sad for his parents they lost their son. However, if you look at the facts- they most likely lost him long before his criminal mischief was stopped by a bullet. I am disappointed in the people who went around setting fires- shooting guns- throwing rocks- and vandalizing their town. I am disgusted by the random acts of looting. What kind of message does that send? Who wants to listen now? The right to protest does not include the right to riot. The media needs to stop calling these assholes protesters. They are rioters. They are criminals. Use your words. Stop acting like toddlers with matches. This is a tantrum. I am sickened by it.


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